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peechplum said: how did you meet john omg!! i'm seeing them soon and i just wow((also any tips like how early i should get there and what their crowd is like??))

hey! okay so I’ve met them twice, last year and this year, and they were two completely different situations. 

last year we waited in line for hours - show started at 7 or something and we got there at like 4.
before the show
 a few people came up to us and said that the band was coming into the venue (it was at luna park, which is a small theme park, and they were coming through the entrance) so we ran to find them. that’s how we met them the first time.
that was in SYDNEY, which is like, huge when it comes to shows because there are so many people there.
they also came out after the show but it was quite difficult to get a chance to talk with them cos there were so many fans. we still got pics with them though. 

the second time (last week) we got there literally half an hour before the show was let in and we were literally 17th & 18th in line to go in (where as at sydney we were like 50th, 3 hours before hand). just cos the venue is so small and stuff.
they didn’t come out before the show, but john ohh came out after their SET and watched anberlin play with the rest of the audience. that’s when the photo of me and him were taken.
after anberlin finsihed playing though, the whole band came out and chatted to us, which was really cool cos there were only about 25(ish) of us and they stayed for at least half an hour. 

the best thing about the maine is that they love love L O V E talking with fans and being friendly, and they’re like 99% sure to come out. a couple of my friends asked garrett if they were gonna hang out after the sydney show and he said ‘we always do.’ 


  • BE NICE, 
  • and wait at the venue until AFTER the show. chances are they’ll come out. 
  • also they are super super super easy to chat to, so whatever you say they’ll have something to say back no matter what. 

they’re honestly the friendliest guys and it makes me so happy that they’re as down to earth as they are.

hope this helps! good luck! x

FORGOT TO MENTION ~ I saw this wonderful band on Friday night. 

The best thing about The Maine is that every time I listen to them, I just fall in love with their music more and more. Also, the fact that they’re genuinely down to earth, wonderful, and lovely people makes me like them so much more.

My bff Jackie and I went from Sydney to Newcastle to see them and although the atmosphere was like, no where near as intense as other shows I’ve been to, it was pretty intimate cos there weren’t too many people. 

So yup. Just take some time to appreciate the significance and wonderfulness that is John O’Callaghan. 

ALSO, he said during the Newcastle show ‘Keep looking cool’ maybe about 4 or 5 times, which is fair enough, but what happened to KEEP LOOKING GORGEOUS RIGHT? 


jazbina said: 10.


is Pioneer. There really isn’t a song I don’t like on it, and I think it;s the beginning of the boys figuring out what they want their music to be and convey

The Maine Edition 

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The Maine by Anam Merchant on Flickr.


The Maine by Anam Merchant on Flickr.

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